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Radiant Barrier - Having Troubles Cooling Upstairs?

Our expertise lies in the installation of our attic radiant barrier systems. These remarkable systems utilize reflective materials to minimize heat transfer caused by the sun's radiation. By effectively reflecting radiant heat away from your home, our radiant barrier systems contribute to maintaining a cooler living space, particularly during scorching summer months.

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Insulation is a critical component in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures by minimizing heat transfer between your attic and the living areas of your home. You’ll meet directly with the owner Neal Jones, who will assess your attic's insulation needs and recommend the most effective solution to ensure optimal energy efficiency and comfort without breaking your budget.

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Who We Are

With over 20 years of service in the Quality Assurance Industry, Mr. Jones has come up with a simple philosophy that he demands to be followed by all of his employees, “Do it right the first time!”. Our company owner personally inspects every ARB Attic System installed. At Affordable Radiant Barriers, we are trained in delivering attic cooling solutions that prioritize your comfort and energy efficiency. Our dedicated team is passionate about creating a positive impact on your living or working environment by focusing on the often-overlooked area of attic insulation and Radiant Barrier systems. We understand that a properly maintained attic plays a crucial role in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing energy costs.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Matt R.

It went fantastic. It turned out to be a bigger job than they thought but they were still able to get get it done in 1 day just as they had promised despite this. The crew worked for 12 hours with no breaks to get the job completed despite the temperatures well over 100 degrees. I would definitely use their services again.

Manny L.

Neal Jones and his crew were very friendly and professional. I would recommend them to do work on your home or business. Neal was on site for the entire installation and took the time to explained each step of the process to us. Quality work and a great price.

Patti K.

Very satisfied with work and staff. Very professional and personable. Wanted to make sure we would be happy with the outcome which we are. Thanks Neal!

Commonly Asked Questions

How Do Radiant Barriers work?

Rather than explaining everything in a technically difficult way to understand Mr. Jones has come up with the perfect explanation for how Radiant Barrier works – Think of the holidays when Mom was cooking a Turkey or Ham and it took up the entire oven – you couldn’t cook anything else in the oven until it was removed, remember? Once it came out of the oven, Mom would cover the meat with aluminum foil to keep it warm. Once everything else was cooked Mom took the foil off the meat and it was still warm. And here’s just the opposite – If you have some dish in the refrigerator and you were taking it to someone’s house If you covered that dish with aluminum foil the dish would still be cold when you arrived where you were taking it. Radiant barriers reduce radiant energy transfer into a structure, resulting in reduced HVAC usage.