Radiant Barrier Home Insulation Company Dallas

The Affordable Radiant Barrier professionals at our radiant barrier home insulation company in Dallas TX are ready to design and implement a system that will reduce your utility bills as much as possible. Average high temperatures in the Dallas area stay in the high 90s during summer, while lows are often in the 30s during winter. Radiant barrier home insulation in Dallas TX is a solution that can greatly diminish the effects that this temperature disparity can have on your budget. Whether you’re building a new home or trying to supplement your existing insulation system, our Dallas home insulation company is here to help.

Why Radiant Barrier Insulation?

If you already have a well-insulated home, it may seem unnecessary for you to get Dallas radiant barrier home insulation. However, typical thermal insulation only regulates two types of heat transfer: conductive and convective. By working with our radiant barrier home insulation company in Dallas TX, you’ll begin to start reducing the effects of the third and most detrimental type of heat transfer – radiant heat.

Explained simply, radiant heat transfer involves a hot object warming other objects through electromagnetic waves as opposed to direct physical contact. Radiant heat transfer is how the sun heats your roof. A hot roof then radiates heat to walls, floors and other objects in the attic. This causes your AC costs to go up, as you need more energy to cool the house. Radiant home barrier insulation in Dallas TX works by directly reflecting the heat that’s radiating from the roof.

A Common Misconception

One of the ideas that prevents people from contacting a radiant barrier home insulation company in Dallas TX involves the idea that the shingles of a roof can actually be damaged by the reflected heat. However, studies have shown that radiant barrier insulation actually only increases roof temperature by a couple degrees, and shingles are already designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. This type of insulation is a very safe, one-time cost that will lessen your energy use.