Radiant Barrier Home Insulation Company Wylie

If you’re looking to reduce your air conditioning and heating bills, look no further than Affordable Radiant Barrier radiant barrier home insulation company in Wylie TX. Radiant barrier insulation is a simple, incredibly cost-effective solution for high energy costs. Installing radiant barrier home insulation in Wylie TX should be left to our professionals due to the variety of insulation types as well as the different areas in which it can be installed. Our Wylie home insulation company will work with you to determine the methods that will maximize your insulation’s efficiency.

Types of Radiant Insulation

There are two basic types of radiant barriers. They are:

  • • Perforated
  • • Non-perforated (also known as vapor barrier)

A perforated radiant barrier is made of material that allows water vapor to travel through it. Non-perforated insulation prevents water vapor from passing through. While it might immediately seem like non-perforated is the best option, it can cause condensation to build up if it’s installed in the wrong climate. Our radiant barrier home insulation company in Wylie TX can assess your situation and help you decide which type is best for you.

Radiant insulation also has characteristics that vary between brands, including:

  • • Sides (single or double-sided)
  • • Reflectance
  • • Tensile strength
  • • Emittance
  • • Thickness/weight

Once again, Affordable Radiant Barrier can help you determine which type of radiant barrier home insulation in Wylie TX will be ideal.

A Myth About Radiant Barriers

Some Wylie radiant barrier home insulation companies might lead you to believe that radiant barrier paint is just as effective as typical radiant barrier insulation. However, radiant barrier paint usually has a reflectance level of 75%, whereas the Department of Energy has stated that a product can only receive radiant barrier classification if it has a reflectance of 90% or more. Unlike other providers, our radiant barrier home insulation company in Wylie TX will honestly and openly discuss the options that are best for your home.

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