Rowlett Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation

Rowlett radiant barrier attic insulation companies provide homeowners in the greater Dallas area with a highly effective option for regulating the temperature of the their homes. It’s no surprise to any Texas resident that the average temperatures in our state can range from very hot to very cold in any given year. Using radiant barrier attic insulation in Rowlett TX can help decrease energy costs by reducing the amount the air conditioning needed during the summer and by trapping heat in during the winter. The experts at Affordable Radiant Barrier can help you determine if radiant barrier insulation in Rowlett is right for you.

Types of Heat Transfer

There are three distinct ways that heat is transferred within a building. They include:

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiant heat transfer

Conduction involves the transfer of heat between two objects that are physically in contact with each other. Convection is a process that involves heat being circulated through the air in a given space. Typical thermal insulation systems are good for maintaining your home’s temperature by regulating conductive and convective heat transfer.

However, Rowlett radiant barrier attic insulation is far more effective at reducing temperature change due to radiant heat, which is the most efficient type of heat transfer and therefore has the largest effect on your home. Also known as thermal radiation, radiant transfer occurs when a hot object emits electromagnetic waves, which in turn heat another object. For example, the sun heats your roof through radiant energy. Your roof then heats other objects in your attic in a similar fashion.

How Our Insulation Works

Put simply, our Rowlett attic insulation works by blocking the radiant heat transfer that occurs between your roof and the rest of your home. Radiant barrier attic insulation in Rowlett TX is installed to directly reflect and absorb the heat from the roof, thereby reducing the amount of AC needed to keep your house cool. Rowlett radiant barrier attic insulation also prevents heat from radiating out of your home during winter months.

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